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Combining pineapple pyrotechnics 🍍πŸ’₯ , introspective songwriting πŸ’­ 🎡, funny stories πŸ˜‚ πŸ“š, left field covers ⚾️ πŸ›, and the occasional fishing rod solo 🎣 , Neeto is the unique music project of Van Goat keyboardist 🎹 Ben Einstein.

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speaker oozing music pointed rightMusicspeaker also oozing music pointed left

Watch the new video for “Nightcap”

A line drawing of a bed with the word "Nightcap" floating above it, in front of a red sparkly background. A scrooge-esque nightcap falls from the top of the screen and lands on the A in the word Nightcap.π‘΄π’π’”π’’π’–π’Šπ’•π’ 🦟 EPΒ out now

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Floating gif of the Neeto Mosquito CD-R gif in 3D Cyberspace. The image zooms in and then out on the CD packaging (a red Neeto with a neon green mosquito in his hair), then the CD leaves its packaging, does a 360 degree twirl, and then zooms back in.

Listen to “I Just Need You”

An animated cartoon drawing of Neeto, subbly with short curly black hair and bushy eyebrows, blinking and staring at the camera. Text reads "Neeto Presents "I Just Need You"

featuring Rachael McElhiney and Spencer Kilpatrick of Failure Machine, and Rainbow Girls

"Check It Out!" in Flashing Text on a maroon backgroundAn animated line with two white diamonds that oscillate across it. Ooh aahh!

A hue shifting image of Neeto wearing a colorful sweatshirt looking pensively at the camera. This is the album artwork for "Everywhere." A double exposure is revealed when the color changes; two different images of Neeto appear.

Listen to “Everywhere”
(Michelle Branch cover)

A spinning globe in bright blue and green colors

Instrumental Electro Song
“Cantaloupe Laserbeam” 🍈 ⚑️ out now
Two neon rotating pineapples in space with an oscillating DNA-esque waveform swirling in the background.a third animated line / page breaker. this one's black and neon green.

The Fishing Song
(Video and Comic Book)

Fishing Song Comic Book, camera panning in and out effortlessly like the breeze.

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Neeto Presents "The Fishing Song" in Lite-Brite-font. A pineapple flies across the screen, and then 5 fishes (a la one fish two fish red fish blue fish) join the words "The Fishing Song" on the final title screen


Dancing red and blue music notes on a sheet music staff.

The Tap Card Pianoβ„’:

The Tap Card Piano - 25 cards, 25 keys - tap cards organized in the shape of a piano keyboard layout that play their respective notes when tapped on an RFID sensor.
Cool! Rotating yaw gif in a cool blue color

The Piano Keyboard Exercise Programβ„’:

🎹MapΒ  Β πŸ‘ŸVideo

The "Piano Keyboard Exercise Program" - a map of the Sunset District in San Francisco, superimposed with an octave of piano keys that lines up with the streets. Run your favorite melodies!

Wow! On Fire Burning Sick Graphic

The Connect 4 Musical Instrumentβ„’:

Connect 4 Musical Instrument - game and sound generator! A game is played which generates a musical song.

"Questions? Comments? Send us some E-mail" A letter flies through space and lands in a laptop computer

Contact: mosquito [at] neeto [dot] net

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